Bringing back your favourite MC Memories.

FeatureCreepMC is an MC mod which attempts to be a modpack within a mod, from many different versions of MC, and even other games. Many mods are for older or newer Versions of MC, and FeatureCreepMC attempts to bring the best features from those into many different versions. FeatureCreepMC is a Free Speech and Free Beer software, and you are encouraged to use its assets in your mod, or redistribute the mod, even for money. It uses the Feeping Creaturism ideology.

FeatureCreepMC is more efficient than having multiple mods as FeatureCreepMC is one mod, so you would not need to worry about it conflicting with itself. This is better than have multiple separate mods.

Many cool features, from many different versions of MC and from many different games. We are always open to new features and suggestions and are constantly adding them.

Where does it come from? Contrary to popular belief we are not an OreSpawn Clone, while we started doing OS stuff 1st because this stated from issues within ChaosAwakens.

We aim to spread out mod across many different Modloaders, games, and other versions of Minecraft allowing users to play on which ever version they prefer giving the user more freedom to do as they wish.

Digital Solutions
Build your own minecraft mod

Our libertarian licence allows you to use all of the contents of the mod for your own stuff. You can copy anything from the mod, and even use our source code for your own mod. You may use any of our textures, you may make modifications of our mod, you may build your mod on top of ours, we not only are ok with it, but we encourage you to.

MC Ports
Mods/Games Within Development or Complete
Approximate Number of Features

Our Team

Our team strives to make a Mod which brings back memories and current things into older and newer MC versions. We also have plans to make FeatureCreepBG (The FeatureCreep Block Game Family) to other games, including ones that are not block games.